Hi, I'm Jesse, a Toronto-based full-stack developer.

From Monday to Friday, I'm the front-end lead at Strategic Content Labs. During the evenings, I moonlight as an instructor for the Web Development program at Bitmaker Labs. I also lead and mentor workshops with the Toronto chapter of Ladies Learning Code.

I spend most of my time working with JavaScript (both on the server and in the client), but I've been lucky enough to touch a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and tools.

Work Commercial

Included below are some of the websites and applications that I've had an opportunity to work on.

Work Personal & Open Source

Outside of my professional work, I like to keep busy with personal projects. These are some of the tools, utilities, and projects that I've built or contributed to.


Here are some of the lectures, workshops, and other events that I've had the opportunity to lead, mentor, or speak at.

  1. Introduction to AJAX Bitmaker / Various Dates

  2. Intro to HTML & CSS: Building a One-Page Website Ladies Learning Code / Various Dates

  3. Intro to HTML & CSS: Building a One-Page Website Ryerson ADaPT / 2017

  4. Responsive Design for Beginners Ladies Learning Code / 2016

  5. Intro to HTML + CSS Bitmaker / Various Dates


I spend most of my time working with the tools and technologies below, but check out my Github account to see what else I've dabbled in.

  1. Languages

    • JavaScript / TypeScript

    • HTML / Pug

    • CSS / SCSS

    • Ruby

    • PHP

    • Bash / Shell Scripting

  2. Frameworks & Platforms

    • AngularJS / Angular

    • React

    • Ionic

    • Node

    • WordPress

    • Ruby on Rails

    • Jekyll

  3. Tools

    • Gulp

    • Webpack

    • npm

    • ESLint / SASS Lint

    • Browserify

    • Babel

    • Git